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Nebor Inc. Process

(Customers Only)


1. Choose your desired service: Services you need for the prices you deserve.

2. Fill out Form: The form is to gather the correct information so that we know who we are talking to and what you are requesting.

3. Assessment Fee: All Maintenance, Remodeling, Restoration services require an $80 Assessment Fee. If you are unsure which category the service you have requested falls under please be sure to ask. An assessment determines any difficulties of the job, measurements, colors, type of materials needed for the job, and any special request by the customer. This fee goes towards your labor cost so you don’t lose it. The gathered assessment information is vital upon every estimate. This information will be used to determine the Estimate. The Estimate is 100% FREE.

4. FREE Estimate: The estimate is used for you to review and approve as in accept the cost for the job. By your vision, within 24 hours we present to you an estimate based on the amount of material and labor cost. You are more than welcome to compare our prices to other local vendors with the same skill of value. Meaning if we give you a plumbing estimate we will only match the price of another licensed plumber. 

5. Invoice: Must be paid in full to be scheduled before any scope of work begins. You are protected under our Nebor Protection program. A FREE service for everyone.

6. Schedule: Based on availability for both parties. To agree to our Process terms, and reserve your spot Click 

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