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Nebor Teen Mentorship

Skill building: We will teach your Teen one skill of their choice so that they can provide a service that some day will earn them an income. 

Ages: 13+ Only at 16 can we hire them your Teen.


Warning: We are here to teach your Teens how and what it takes to be an Entrepreneur and not an employee.

What to expect

$80 per week per course mentored. Expect it to last a month

$10 pick up and drop off each time for hands on, or you can drop them off.

One month of training. Once training is over we will hire your Teen full time upon availability.  

Nebor Teen Mentor: Mr. Nate

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Development

  • Business Process

  • Lead Generation

  • Financial Knowledge

  • Skill Development

  • Team Building

We finish out the hardworking summer with a trip to help get them back in the swing of things for school.

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