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Nebor JR Services is a Teen owner that hires other teens as seasonal services are provided

Hours of operation: 

Summer Schedule

Monday-Friday: 10am-4:30pm

School Schedule

Friday-Saturday: 10am-4:30pm

Sunday: 8am-2pm


Note: We are currently accepting 1-3 for our mentorship. Still fill out the app for future acceptance  We are however receiving service request for any service you desire.

Nebor JR Services is a Partner Brand of Nebor Inc.

Nebor JR Services was started by a 14 year old that wanted to make his own money. Taught by his father the skills that are used today, he chose to use those same skills taught to him to teach other teenagers how to do the same. 

"If I teach them how to earn money they too can help their parents provide better for them."

~ Jeremiah Rickard

Thus Nebor Teen Services was born. A mentorship for teenagers. Where we teach your Teenagers the skills they want to learn. Then we hire them through our company to earn their own money immediately after their mentor grades and approves their work ethic and ability. They are equipped with hands on experience to assure quality and safety. Your Teen will be taught how to use electrical, battery operated, and mechanical tools for each job. A Safety course will be given per tool as they will have to pass the safety quiz in order to be able to use them per job. The program runs through the summer months. All tools and material will be provided.

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