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How can I use WOM?

  • Door to Door (recommended)

  • Add us on Facebook and Re-post our post and add your contact information

  • Offer to a friend/family

  • Tag us in post on social media that are requesting service so that we can support you in the post

  • Tag us in groups

  • Start your own group, add members That love to save money for services they already receive and send us an invite. 

Lets do this the Nebor way. We want to pay you for your Word Of Mouth

Step #1: Log in at the top of page. Bottom of page for mobile.


Step #2: Create you a Nebor g-email.

Ex: . Be sure to add this email to your phone to receive notifications.

Step #3: Once your email is complete, create you a number using only that same Nebor email account you just created. It is free and we insist you have customers calling your new Nebor Line.

Step #4: Text "WOM" to (318)616-3267 when this is all complete.

3 people contacted us and we had no one to help them fill out the service request form. So the owner took it himself. All three jobs were sold after our sales team showed up. And the owner just made an extra $548.39 just for helping the new customers fill out the Service Request Form. He didn't sell anything. Just filled out the form for the customer. Took him about 3 min with each customer.

~Front Desk 

fgh    rtbvV.jpeg

I'm the front desk
Receptionist. Even I'm given the opportunity to make extra money and still work for the Network. When the owner showed me how much he made for helping the customer I was hooked.

"I set an appointment for a paint request. Customer wanted the entire outside of her house painted. With out knowing how as I didn't have to sell the job, I just filled out the service request form for the customer. Took me about 7 min. to help her get through it as it was my first time doing this. I just got her information over the phone and submitted it. I made 10% of the job and didn't sell anything. Didn't even go to her house to measure anything. I only submitted her information to the Nebor Network."

~Thelma Hargus

The job: Paint/Exterior

Job cost: $10,549.52

My Cut: -10%


is what I made for 7 min. setting the appointment


I dove in head first. Where will anyone work that can earn this type of money with so little work to make it.

Rep Team 

Thelma Hargus

vgfs  bfh jkkuo ky t.jpg

Adam Caar

Rep Team 

I started out as a customer doing WOM. once I realize how much earning potential it had I decided to join the network and become a full time team member

"Today I made an extra $325 on top of my normal wage. I submitted one customer's information while I was at work. It took me 4 min. to send and submit. I didn't sell anything. Goooo REp Team" ~Adem Caar

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